Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Update on Life...

Well I guess I should start off with a big apology for my leave of absence. As some people have brought to my attention [Benjamin], I have neglected my blog for over a month now. Although I am "bowing my head in shame," I'm also honored that people have noticed I have been slacking because that means that they have actually been reading my blog! Even those people who don't like to admit that they care about it [Benjamin]. Now then, moving on to our next order of business...
I have officially accepted the assistantship offer from BGSU's School of Communication Studies master's program. As some of you know, I also applied to BGSU's Counseling master's program. As of Monday I still hadn't heard back from the counseling program and the communication studies' program was eager to know whether or not I accepted their offer. I had to make a [quick] decision and I did. I confirmed that I did in fact accept the offer and now I just have to sign a contract and it's done. I'm happy with my decision and glad to finally know exactly what I'll be doing in the fall. Well, I still don't know exactly what I'll be doing in the fall because they haven't given me my assignment yet. But odds are I'll be teaching an IPC 102 course. Yes, you read that right... in the fall I will probably be teaching a college level course. I'll give you a second or two to let that sink in.
(This is me waiting...)
Maybe me teaching a college class doesn't even seem weird to you. But I think it is definitely going to be interesting teaching students who are so close to my age and who I can say with quite a bit of confidence will probably be taller than me and look older than me. If they're smarter than me, then we'll have a big problem. When asked about her thoughts and opinions of me being a TA for a course next year, Julie Difranco had this to say: "Emily Steele will walk into a room full of people expecting a mature adult. They have yet to find out that the person in front of them will be their TA for the next semester." Nicely put Julie. However, based on some grammatical errors, profanity that I had to edit out, and stuttering during your comment, I'm going to have to give you a C-. Better luck next time. [Wow, I might really like this whole teaching thing]. :P
Okay, enough about that. Now that I know for sure I will be here next year, I need to find some roommates... Done Let me introduce you to Erin Broestl(left) and Jen Krinov(right).
I don't even really know them. I met them outside the courthouse the other day. The only thing I know about them is they have both been convicted of theft. Oh well, the rent will be cheaper, right? I know what you're thinking, "what an idiot." Don't worry. I'm smarter than you think. I already bought a deadbolt lock for the door to my room. This brings us to our next order of business. Where are the criminals and I going live? First of all, let me just tell you that there are not very many places to live in this town if you have even an ounce of standards. And believe me, we weren't being picky. When the current tenants told us they have had "several problems with mice," or that we would be living in the basement of someone elses house, we still didn't take it off of our list of possibilities. Searching for a place to live was about as fun as drinking sour milk. However, we did finally find a place! They are the Hillsdale apartments off of Main St. on the opposite side of Kroger. They are 3 bedroom townhouses with a full basement, washer & dryer, and 2 bathrooms: spacious yet affordable (they are paying me to promote the apartment). So all is good in that department, except for the fact that the rental company is going to do a background check on all of us and Jen and Erin probably won't pass based on their criminal history. Therefore, I'm going to be looking for roommates so if anyone's interested... let me know. My stuff will probably fill up all 3 bedrooms and closets so the full basement is all yours! :p Well I realize this is much longer than any of you care to read. I haven't talked to you in over a month though and I have a lot to say! But, I won't punish you for my laziness. I will save the rest for another time. Peace be with you. (You're supposed to say "and also with you.")

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You Probably Won't Believe This...

You will have to see it to believe it! It seems my luck might be turning around as far as betting on sports goes! If you would like a chance to get some of the millions of dollars I could win, you better leave me a comment and root for Florida! :)

P.S. If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, click on the link below.

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