Thursday, August 23, 2012

32 weeks

Week: 32
Baby length:
16.7 inches
Baby weight:
3.75 lbs. - the weight of a squash
Bump size:
40.75 inches
Weight: +27 pounds (+2 lbs. from last week)
Not too much, maybe some chips and dip?

What if I told you that in the middle of this week's "photo shoot," I started crying?

What if I told you I had absolutely no explanation for my tears other than the fact that I was so tired that I didn't feel like I could even smile for a picture and then when I saw the photo after it was taken, I felt like I looked fat and ugly.

So I started crying. Luckily, the ridiculousness of the tears then caused me to laugh at myself therefore leading to the picture with this smile.

It was a busy week for mom-to-be and Baby R! Lots of excitement for both of us.

After a week of annoying back pain, I had a prenatal massage on Friday, thanks to my SIL and BIL Traci & Russ who got me a gift card for my birthday. I walked into the appointment feeling pretty miserable and I walked out feeling like a million bucks!

It was amazing and did wonders for my back! So I've decided I need to get one massage a week for the remaining seven weeks of pregnancy. Now if only I had a million bucks maybe I could make this happen.

Then on Saturday I had my first baby shower which was held at my dad and Jill's house. My step-mom Jill, sister Betsy and aunt Marlene hosted the shower and it was such a special day! The food was delicious, decorations were super cute and I truly felt showered in both love and gifts for the baby. Now I get to do it all over again this Saturday. How lucky am I?

Some of the cute decorations from the shower
On Tuesday we had our first birthing class (more on that below) and on Wednesday my friend Julie took some maternity pictures for us. I would say it was a great, busy week!

Sneak peak of some of the maternity pictures taken by Julie D Photography
 Baby Movements

The baby is still doing acrobatics in my belly. Perhaps an Olympic gymnast in the making? I still feel lots of movements many times throughout the day. Some of these movements put pressure on my bladder causing me to get the sudden sensation that I'm going to pee my pants.

Luckily it only lasts for a second and as we all know, I'm not stranger to this feeling. The good news is, it hasn't caused me to pee my pants...yet. But I think as time goes on, it probably will. I look forward to that.

Maternity Lessons

A few more comments this week:

"Wow. Maternity shirts these days don't really leave much up to the imagination." - speaking about the tank top I had on in the picture above.

"I think your belly grew over the weekend."

"I think your belly grew since Friday."

"Wow. you look bigger since the last time I saw you" (which was Friday).

Yes, three people said almost the exact same thing to me at work on Monday after not seeing me for two days over the weekend. Note to self - perhaps polka dots are not the best pattern selection for women who are eight months pregnant.

But my favorite comments of the week were:

"I just need to give you a hug. I'm not sure if it's the summer sun or what but you are glowing and look fantastic."

"You are the most beautiful pregnant woman ever."

So what if I paid both of them $100 to say these nice things to me. It was totally worth it to hear those sweet words.

We had our first birthing class. It was good and I think we both learned a lot - even about information I wasn't quite prepared to hear. You see, up until this point, I had been avoiding reading anything about the subject of labor or delivery out of fear and denial. But there is absolutely no dancing around this issue in a birthing class.

And as it turns out, these babies don't just suddenly appear in your lap one day like they do in my dreams. And the stork does not actually exist. You actually have to do work - really hard, painful work - to get these babies out. Who knew?

We learned a little bit about labor and delivery this week, with more to come in the next few weeks, including watching videos of two births. Not going to lie. It terrifies me.


Breaking news...I now have cankles. Seriously, I do. I wish I were joking. I didn't notice them until the massage therapist pointed it out during my massage on Friday. And she was right. There is absolutely no separation between my calves and my ankles anymore. They just sort of flow into one another and right down to my fat, swollen feet.

And my toes, which have always looked like little sausages anyway, are even more swollen now. It is not a good look for me. The good news is, it's actually getting harder to see my feet anyway so it's easy to ignore them. Ignorance really can be bliss.

I also have severely dry, chapped lips. I"m not sure if this is even a pregnancy symptom or not but I'm blaming it on the pregnancy anyway. I have been putting on chapstick no less than six times a day and my lips still burn like they are on fire all the time.

On a positive note, because they are burning and sore, my lips have a bright pink tint to them which makes me look like I'm wearing lip gloss all the time so that's kind of nice.

I'm still feeling a little bit more emotional than usual (see comment above about crying during this week's photo shoot). While driving to work this week, the song Hungry Eyes came on the radio and I started tearing up.

The series of thoughts in my head upon hearing the song that ultimately led to the tears were as follows: Hungry Eyes reminded me of the movie Dirty Dancing which then reminded me of Patrick Swayze which then reminded me that he is dead which then caused me to start getting emotional.

Don't get me wrong - the untimely death of Patrick Swayze is sad. But the non-pregnant Emily would not cry about this. Especially three years after he died and definitely not to the song Hungry Eyes. It's not even a sad (or good) song.

Weight Gain

So I've gained 27 pounds, two pounds since last week. It's actually getting harder to see the scale with my big belly so maybe I should just stop getting on it. What do you think? Sounds good to me.

I had to get a new license this week (actually, was supposed to do it on my birthday and didn't realize it so I've been driving around with an expired license for the last month - opps!). Just what ever pregnant woman wants - a four year reminder of how much weight they gained during their pregnancy.

I wasn't sure how to respond when the guy at the BMV looked at me and said, "is your weight the same as what was on your last license?" So I paused awkwardly while I contemplated in my head what I used to weight 27 pounds ago and before I could answer he interrupted my thoughts with, "or at least close to the same amount?"

"Sure," I answered. When he came around from behind the counter to take my new picture, he noticed my big belly and jokingly said, "Mam, were you lying about not gaining any weight." It was funny and he was my friend until he proceeded to take the ugliest picture of me possible, from below my face so that the camera looks up at my double chin and is zoomed ridiculously close to my face.

Thanks a lot for that, guy. I also had to get my picture taken at school today for my ID tag. The lady who took it said it was "beautiful." I'm sure she was lying.

Gender Prediction

So I've talked a lot about the fact that I, and almost everyone else in the world, think I'm having a boy. And someone asked me if this is what I want. I truly have no preference about the sex of our baby.

Let's be honest. They are both scary in different ways. Boys are too daring and do dumb, adventurous things like play with fire and pee on each other. While girls, especially teenage girls, are moody, dramatic and super sensitive and can be somewhat mean to their parents for no reason at all (I speak from experience. Sorry, mom and dad).

All I want is a healthy baby.

That being said, I still think it's boy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

31 weeks

Week: 31
Baby length:
16.25 inches
Baby weight:
3.3 lbs. - the weight of four navel oranges
Bump size:
40.75 inches (+2 inches from last week)
Weight: +25 pounds (-1 lb. from last week)
Ice cream


Ice cream still sounds good to me any and every day of the week. Don't worry, though. That doesn't mean that I've been eating it every day. I actually have more self discipline than I give myself credit for.

That being said, I did have ice cream twice this week. And I didn't hate it.

Baby Bump

My belly grew two inches this week and I can definitely tell (and so can everyone else)! I am running into things with my belly more often.

Someone asked me if I ever wake up and forget that I'm pregnant. The answer is no, I don't. But I do seem to keep forgetting that my belly is not the same size and that I can't squeeze through small spaces anymore.

Bending over is also getting more difficult. Ironically, the harder it gets for me to bend down, the more I seem to constantly drop things. 

Baby Movements

More hiccups this week and now they are actually causing my belly to move up and down with each of them. It's still fun to use this as a way of figuring out where the baby's head is. Sometimes it's up and sometimes it's down. Baby is still moving all over in there.

Movements are quite frequent and really strong. Sometimes I wonder what the heck it is doing in there. If there are dance parties taking place, I want to know why I'm not invited.

Because the movements are happening so much more regularly now, it is easy for me to let other people feel the baby move. Not only am I oddly comfortable with people touching my belly - I actually encourage it. I get so much amusement out of feeling the baby move that I want other people to experience it too.

Obviously no one else is going to get quite as excited about it as I do (not even Pat) but if you are near me when the baby is moving, I will probably grab your hand and put it on my belly. Nine times out of ten the baby will stop moving as soon as I put your hand there, though. My kid is already trying to make me out to be a liar. Is this a foreshadow of what is to come?

Have you ever noticed that pregnant people always seem to be touching their belly? Does it annoy you? Yeah, it used to annoy me too. Except I have now become one of those people. I just can't help it.

Either the baby is moving and I want my hands there to feel it or the baby isn't moving so I have my hands on my belly to try to figure out where it is sleeping. Either way, my hands spend about 99.9% of the day on my stomach. I've become "that" pregnant person and I have no plans of changing my ways.

Maternity Lessons

Faculty members at work are slowly starting to trickle in for the start of the school year. Since many of them haven't seen me all summer, they have lots of fun comments about me and how I look. Here are a few but I'm sure next week there will be even more after our faculty in-service day.

"The baby is coming any time now, huh?" (I explain I have eight more weeks left). "Oh. Wow. I don't think you're going to make it eight more weeks."

"I seriously think there are twins in there."

"That must be one big baby."

"You're still all belly." (I actually like hearing this one).


As much as I want to remain happy and optimistic, I always try to keep it real on my blog and be as honest as possible about what is going on in my life. So here's the low down - I feel fat and ugly and some days my back hurts pretty bad.

I've made it through 31 weeks feeling good and feeling like I looked good, too. But this week it has all started to crumble. Every picture I have seen of me in the last week I hate and feel like I look like a fat cow.

I've had a few rough nights of sleep in the last week where I either toss and turn all night long and then feel extremely tired the next day or I wake up in the middle of the night with back pain and then my back hurts the entire next day.

I also now have what I have termed "arm-ne." Similar to acne or back-ne but it's on my arm. Yes, it's as attractive as it sounds. I am thankful that it's not on my face but it certainly isn't doing me any favors as far as trying to feel pretty and good about the way I look.

At one point this week, I believe my exact words to Pat were, "I am so over being pregnant." This is an unfortunate thought/feeling for someone who still has eight weeks left. However, according to everyone else, I'm "not going to make it eight more weeks" anyway. Fine by me as long as baby is fully baked and healthy.

But then after a bad day, I have a day like today where my back didn't bother me much at all, I enjoyed watching and feeling the baby move and hiccup, I wore a short sleeve shirt instead of a tank top so I was able to forget about my arm-ne, and I avoided mirrors and cameras so as not to feel like a whale. I call these my relief days and am very thankful for them.

With school starting next week I may end up actually doing my hair and makeup for the first time all summer. This might help in instances where mirrors are unavoidable (like my six hundred trips to the bathroom each day).

Speaking of trips to the bathroom, I had a little accident again this week. We were at Put-in-Bay waiting in line for the ferry with our car. We were pretty far away from the bathrooms and by the time I made it there, I couldn't get my shorts untied in time. It was just a dribble but enough to show on my shorts.

At least I wasn't the lady in the stall next to me puking my guts out. But neither one of us left that restroom feeling particularly good about ourselves, I'm sure.

Weight Gain

I actually lost a pound this week. Keep in mind - I weigh myself at the beginning of the week and blog at the end of the week so when I do my 32 week weigh-in tomorrow, I'm sure all that ice cream will come back to haunt me.

Gender Prediction

Today I had someone questioning my decision for not finding out the baby's gender. I'm not sure why other people care so much but here was my answer:

It's very hard to surprise me because I try to figure everything out and usually end up spoiling any surprises that are being planned. This is one surprise that Pat and I are both really excited about and that there is no way for me to spoil.

I can't imagine any better surprise than at the end of this journey having Pat or the doctor announce whether it's a boy or a girl. I also can't wait for Pat to get to experience walking into the waiting room and telling our family what we had. So in case you were wondering, that is why we are not finding out.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

30 weeks

Week: 30
Baby length:
15.7 inches
Baby weight:
3 lbs. - the weight of a bag of apples
Bump size:
38.75 inches
+26 pounds (+3 lbs. from last week)
Ice cream


I had quite a few tasty treats this week. Menchie's frozen yogurt while my friends were in town, cake at my soon to be SIL's wedding shower and East Coast Custard.

With the exception of my Menchie's bowl, which was overflowing, I did demonstrate portion control with the other goodies. In fact, the leftover treats from my soon to be SIL's shower are still sitting in my fridge untouched.

Baby Movements

I felt one movement quite close to the ribs this week. I won't say it hurt but I also won't say it felt good. Can't imagine what that's going to be like when it happens more often.

Several times this week the baby moved in such a way that it put pressure on my bladder and I instantly felt like I was going to pee my pants. Not the first time I've had this feeling, as we all know, but it's the first time it was caused by the baby's movement.

Luckily it only last for a second each time but when the baby ends up just sitting on my bladder, I'm in big trouble. Depends are probably in my future.

The baby got the hiccups quite a few times this week. It's really cool when it gets the hiccups because I can instantly tell where the baby's head is based on where the hiccups are coming from. This confirms that the baby is still moving around like crazy because the head is never in the same spot.

The timing of the hiccups is less than ideal, though, since it always seems to be in the middle of the night and I'm such a light sleeper that I wake up because of it.

Maternity Lessons

Since I am reporting the negative things people say to me, it's only fair that I report the positive things people say, too. A lady at Bed Bath and Beyond said to me this week, "You look absolutely beautiful."

I was truly shocked by this comment since I had a baseball cap on and had spent the entire day in the heat at the Bridgestone Golf Invitational. But I said none of this to her. Instead I smiled and said thank you and secretly wondered what in the heck is wrong with her.


I'm back to waking up at least twice a night to use the restroom. It's like an obstacle course getting back into bed and wrapping myself up in the Boppy body pillow. I end up getting tangled in the sheets and bumping into Pat. Unlike me, he's a pretty heavy sleeper and rarely wakes up when I tug the sheets off of him to untangle myself.

I'm not sure if it's the heat (and the fact that we've had our air off in our house for the last few days) but I've been pretty tired when I get home from work and have been falling asleep on the couch again. Just a thirty minute power nap is usually all I need and it feels great!

The back pain has been pretty good this week. There was only one day where it was really bugging me and Pat had to rub my back about three times. It was really annoying and I did tell Pat that it was the first time I've felt "over" being pregnant. But the next day I woke up and it was fine so no complaints!

The lumbar support pillow is still a rock star. I took it to the pool with me (it stayed on a lawn chair, don't worry), the golf invitational (I forgot it in the car at first and Pat had to walk an extra mile to go back and get it - have I mentioned he's wonderful) and the Indians game.

But still, I think a new mattress is in our future. We both find our current one uncomfortable and it's very old so I think the clock is ticking. At this point we are just throwing money every direction anyway, why not add one more expense?

Add this to the maternity lessons: baby's are expensive. Even before they are born!

Weight Gain

Yikes. Up three pounds this week. Seems all that birthday eating caught up with me. Oh well.

Gender Prediction

The two ladies checking me out at Bed Bath and Beyond (and I mean, checking me out like ringing up my purchases and taking my money - although, she did call me beautiful so maybe there was something more....) were both convinced I am having a boy based on the way that I'm carrying.

Friday, August 03, 2012

cat scratch fever

Do you ever go through life thinking, "this could only happen to me?" I feel like that is my life's motto. This is just another example.


The request was simple: stop in on my friend's cat a few times while she and her husband were in Myrtle Beach. They only live about 10 minutes away and I was happy to help, so I said yes.

Today was my first day on duty. To say it didn't go well is the understatement of the century.

When I arrived at their house, I was greeted by the cat at the top of the stairs. The greeting went fine. She sniffed my hand, let me pet her and then she went on with her business. The first thing I noticed was a birthday gift for me on their dining room table (which was an extremely nice surprise) so I went over to open it.

All of the sudden and completely out of nowhere, while I was reading my birthday card, the cat charged me and started attacking my legs - my bare exposed legs. On a 95+ degree day, it never occurred to me that maybe I would be safer wearing long pants to check on the cat. First mistake.

After she released my legs from her wrath, I tried to run away from her but she chased me, trying to attack me again. I swung my purse at her and then she attacked my purse. She was literally hanging from my cloth purse. I panicked and ran into their bedroom and shut the door behind me.

I opened the door slightly, hoping to find her gone when she tried to charge through the door and attack me through the crack. I quickly slammed the door. I did this about three more times until I finally realized, this cat was not going anywhere.

So now I'm trapped in their bedroom. I decided to borrow some pants and put them on under my skirt. At least this way my legs would be protected if when I get attacked again. So I grabbed the thickest pair of pants I could find - trusty old corduroy.  After I put the pants on, I noticed a spray bottle in their bedroom so I grabbed it.

When I opened the bedroom door to leave, as expected, the cat was right there waiting for me. She tried to lunge me again and I pulled the trigger on the water bottle. Although she would back up one step while I was spraying her in the face, she never ran away. As soon as I would stop spraying, she would try to attack me again.

So I just kept spraying until finally she laid down about a foot away from me. And of course, she laid down directly in my path to the food and water bowl. So now I was completely stuck. One move forward and she would attack me again, eliminating my chances of checking on her food and water - the entire purpose of my trip.

I didn't want to call my friend and bother her so I called my husband instead. Over and over again and he never answered. I knew he was out working in the garage and I knew his phone was in the house, but wishfully hoping he would go inside, I just kept calling. It didn't work.

So I called my mom instead. Although she tried to be supportive, she really had no good advice (except to leave) and all she could say was, "I know it might be too soon, but this is actually really funny," And she was right. It was too soon since I hadn't even made it out of the house alive yet.

Taking my Mom's advice, I slowly backed my way out of the house, spray bottle still in hand, and decided to call it a day. As I was locking the door, Pat finally called me back and I explained to him the situation. He sounded absolutely disgusted with me that after all the time I had spent there, I still hadn't even checked on the cat's food and water.

He clearly didn't understand the gravity of this situation. But being the knight-in-shining-armor husband that he is, he told me he would come over to help. He laughed at me when I suggested he wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt and to bring our broom.

But he must have decided to trust me because when he showed up, he was armed with all three.

How pathetic and defeated (and hot) I looked when Pat got there.

So it turns out the broom was a great idea. Although the cat proceeded to attack it, she was no match for Pat and the broom. He was able to check on the food and water, grab my birthday gift and get out of the house unscathed.

My battle wounds.
That makes one of us.

To add insult to injury, my gas light came on during my drive home so I stopped to get gas. It wasn't until about halfway through filling up my tank that I realized I still had the corduroy pants on, unbuttoned and unzipped, underneath my skirt.

By the time I remembered, the pants were already sagging halfway down my legs. Coupled with my big, pregnant belly, it was a really classy look for me.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to. 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

29 weeks

Week: 29
Baby length:
15.25 inches
Baby weight:
2.5 lbs. - the weight of a pineapple
Bump size:
38.75 inches
+23 pounds (+.5 lbs. from last week)
Jones Salt & Vinegar Chips

Look out, I'm breaking all the rules. Technically Baby R is the size of a butternut squash this week. But Giant Eagle only had HUGE squash that were twice the size I needed and about triple the price I wanted to pay.

So I decided this pineapple weighed about 2.5 pounds and would be a great (and tasty) substitute. Thanks for your flexibility on this issue. I appreciate it. 


My BFF Kari had her shower this weekend and I stayed with her on Saturday night. She got me a bag of Jones Salt & Vinegar Chips (my fav) and I dominated them.

Baby Movements

The baby's movements are very frequent and very strong. People are actually noticing my belly moving while I'm sitting still.

You can also see random parts of my belly poking out or my belly looking lopsided now, depending on how the baby is positioned.

 Look at this picture on the right. Can you see the area on my belly where part of the baby is poking out? Or am I the only one who can see it?

Maternity Lessons

A few more comments I received this week:

"Wow. You look HUGE since I saw you last."
"That was probably the last birthday you will actually get to enjoy."
"I hate to tell you this but I think you're going to have a really big baby."

Grady has been really clingy to me this. Do you think it's true that dogs can sense pregnancy and/or that a big change is coming? Or do you think it has more to do with the fact that we've been undergoing a bathroom renovation and he's a big wimp and is afraid of the power tools?


This week I decided once and for all to get over any embarrassment I have with carrying the lumbar support pillow in public with me. And my back pain seems to be doing much better because of it.

First we traveled to Shelby for Kari's baby shower, where I missed my exit and was 40 minutes late. Yes, I'm from Shelby and still managed to miss my exit while returning "home." Wish I could blame it on the pregnancy somehow but this is just an Emilyism and isn't the first occurrence. 

*Note to self* When you decide to bring the lumbar support pillow for its first public appearance, maybe you should make sure to be on time. What is worse than showing up 40 minutes late for a baby shower? Walking in with a big, gray, ugly lumbar support pillow.

Luckily no one made fun of me - too badly. My friend Lisa did have quite a big grin on her face when she saw me carrying it in and Kari's sister Kyle did say that it was quite a bit bigger and uglier than she had expected it to be. Who wants to make a slipcover for me?

Next, the lumbar support pillow and I (and my SIL Leann) traveled to Huron together to spend the day with my Grandma and Aunt at their cottage on Lake Erie. And because I brought the pillow with me, I remained pain free for the entire day.

That is, until my face got completely fried and I looked (and actually still look like) Ross from friends when he got spray tanned. Except replace the tan with bright red and pretend that Ross had HUGE sunglasses on that left him with big, white raccoon eyes. It's an attractive look. And I went to dinner in public like that.

What is worse than going out to eat with a bright red face and big raccoon eyes? Looking like that while also being 7 1/2 months pregnant and carrying your lumbar support pillow into the restaurant with you. Sorry boys, this sexy beast is taken.

And finally, the lumbar support pillow traveled to the beauty salon with me. All was fine until after I got my pedicure and went to the bathroom where I dropped the pillow on my freshly painted toes and smeared the polish. My stylist touched up the polish for me after hearing my pathetic story. I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to.

My friend Lisa is letting me borrow her boppy body pillow and so far it is amazing! Much better than trying to sleep with four different pillows and it seems to be providing me with the back support I need. But we are going to need a new mattress I'm afraid. Just one more expense 

Even though my belly is measuring the same size as last week, it definitely feels bigger and I feel like I bump it into things every single day. My brain hasn't adjusted to its increased size so I keep trying to squeeze through small spaces that my non-pregnant self could fit through and I end up banging my belly on tables, the back of chairs and even my boss's back. That was awkward.

Weight Gain

Only up .5 pounds this week! I will take it and run with it. Well, I don't actually run anymore so I will take it and walk quickly with it which I am still doing once a day about five times a week.

Gender Prediction

My friend Lisa's baby girl Lily stood on my belly this weekend, thus making her prediction that it's a girl. And you know those gender predictor tests are very reliable. About 50% accuracy.