Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Signs of Stress...

With only 11 days until graduation, stress is probably to be expected. With a to-do list longer than there are days left, I can't help but start to worry about how the heck I'm going to get everything done. I didn't realize how stressed I actually was until I got back from the library last night and my roommate said to me, "Do you have two different sandals on?" I was thinking to myself, of course not. What am I some kind of idiot? Then I looked down and saw this...
Now let me clarify a few things. When I say "I went to the library," I don't mean I walked in, grabbed a few books, and walked out. I mean, I went to the library and stayed there for 3 hours. I should also add that I didn't go there and stay in one place for those 3 hours. I walked all around the entire library; saying hi to people I knew, went up to the 7th floor to get a pop, opened the pop and it sprayed all over me and started dripping [I think it may have dripped on my foot. Too bad that didn't prompt me to look down]. I'm sure the spraying pop drew attention to myself and my unmatching sandals. The last point I would like to make is that I was wearing capri pants. It's not like my sandals were somehow hidden by long pants, they were right out in the open. So to make an already long story a little longer, I plan on losing whatever sanity I have left (or ever had to begin with - which is questionable) over these next 11 days.
This is what I anticipate looking like at my graduation...It's going to be difficult getting my cap on, but hopefully I can work something out. Good luck to everyone else with all the end of the semester "crap." And to those of you already in the "real world," well, I don't envy you either! Well, I actually take that back. I have this friend who I used to work with in college. Pre-graduation he worked hard at balancing his time between AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook, and work. Post-graduation he works hard at balancing his time between AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook, and work. The only difference - his income has probably doubled. The "real world" isn't looking so bad after all. :) You know who you are! See you next time. Steele - OUT.

Friday, April 07, 2006

I Won!

Yes, that's right... I won the BG News NCAA March Madness Pool. What can I say? I know my sports!
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