Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here's to you, Mr. Dodge Truck with lift kit man

So you have a big truck. I get it. I would have been a lot more impressed with your white dodge truck with lift kit had it not been adorned with weird (and girly, I might add) graphics but given the fact that you still had temporary plates, I'm going to let those slide and assume you didn't add them. However, if I was going to be driving around my big truck, trying to be intimidate and pick on innocent little mazdas, my first order of business would have been removing those girly stickers before driving it off the lot. But that's just me.

I realize that in your opinion, I had plenty of time to pull out in front of that car. You are entitled to your opinion, but I don't appreciate you honking at me to try and encourage me to risk my life just because you think I should. Unfortunately, that's not really your call to make. And, let's say, by chance, that your honk would have enticed me to pull out in front of the car (which, I hate to break it to you, honking at me only makes me do the exact opposite of what you want), do you honestly think you would have had time to pull out in front of the car, too? I can assure you, you wouldn't have. Even with your lift kit, your truck isn't a "monster" truck and can't drive over top of cars like it's a demolition. I hate to be bearer of bad news.

You may think your big truck intimidates me, but it doesn't. So your lift kit makes your truck taller than my car. Big deal. I'm 5' 3", everyone is taller than me. I'm used to it. Revving up your engine and speeding past me as soon as you had the opportunity, proved your point about how irritated you were that I wasted those precious thirty seconds of your life. It did make me pause and reflect about the fact that putting my life in danger to save you those thirty seconds probably would have been the good samaratin thing of me to do. I will definitely think twice next time.

I couldn't help but notice that your final destination was Gus' Diner. It must have been a very important meeting you were having there, definitely warranting the sense of urgency you were showing on the road. Not urgent enough, however, for you to leave a little earlier and give yourself enough time to get there. Please, apologize on my behalf to those you were meeting for the additional thirty seconds I added to your commute this morning.


Ericabee said...

hate people like that!

Holly said...

I would have done exactly what you did. Waited longer. Mwhahahaha!