Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black friday blues

For a number of reasons, I have only once in my life ventured out on Black Friday. Here are a few of the reasons why I make it a personal goal to avoid shopping on Black Friday:

1. I hate waking up early
2. I despise waiting in long lines
3. I try to avoid large crowds in small spaces whenever possible
4. I don't have a shopping buddy to venture out with me
5. My shopping list is never ready in time

Here is one reason why I would, under the right circumstance, consider shopping on Black Friday:

1. I love getting a good deal

I believe it was three years ago when I decided I would venture out on Black Friday for the first time because I was after a particular bargain. I wanted to get Pat a nice drill and Sears was having a really good deal on one. I talked my dad into going with me and I didn't go super early. I ended up getting a lot of shopping done that day and despite going out late, I was still able to get Pat the drill (which has been immensely beneficial to us both as homeowners).

Because I don't like to "mix the moment" and try to not think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, the #1 reason I don't venture out on Black Friday is because I haven't even figured out yet what gifts I'm going to be buying for people. And if I'm going to get up early, wait in long lines and subject myself to large crowds in small spaces, I better have a really good reason for doing so. And usually, I don't.

This year, however, I have some gifts in mind for people that perhaps might warrant a trip out on Black Friday, if I could get some good deals. But I'm still up in the air. It might be a game time decision. I don't have an organized shopping list put together yet which would be key in determining whether or not I venture out. I will be home in Mansfield on Friday morning so I would be dealing with Richland County's finest (as opposed to Cuyahoga County's finest - not sure which is worse).  We will be heading to Brunswick on Friday afternoon for Thanksgiving with Pat's family and I will still need to cook my sweet potato casserole. And, I would really like to just relax and sleep in. So I'm not sure I can/am willing to make the early morning shopping trip, but if I do, I'm going to keep Holly's tips in mind.

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