Sunday, November 14, 2010

Root, root, root for the home team

We have had back-to-back weekends of tailgating fun and watching our teams bring home victories!

Last weekend we tailgated in the Muni lot in downtown Cleveland for the Browns vs. Patriots game. We had awesome (and rare) Cleveland November weather and couldn't have asked for a better group of people to tailgate with!
In addition to the great weather and great company, we absolutely could not have asked for better seats at the game! I have never had such awesome seats at a Browns game before! Granted, it was only my second game ever, but still, I don't think I will ever get to enjoy better seats! But most importantly of all, we got to see the Browns bring home their third victory of the season against the best team in the NFL!
Excited Robinsons after the big win!
So far, Pat has proven to be a good luck charm for Cleveland! He got to see (in these same awesome seats) the win against Cincinnati. So far, he's 2-0 with his tickets. He's going to the game today against the Jets and I really hope he gets to see another win! He really wants to see the Browns beat former receiver, Braylon Edwards who Pat hates more than Lebron James!

Yesterday, our fun tailgating excursions continued in Columbus, Ohio for the OSU vs. Penn State game! The main purpose of our trip was to celebrate my SIL's 21st birthday! Happy Birthday, Leann! We love you!
The Robinson kiddos - we missed you, Traci!
I got to see my cousin, Matthew, who I haven't seen in what feels like forever (a year and a half - which is forever!). I'm so glad we were able to meet up!

Me and my cousin Matthew
We had awesome seats in the student section and got to see a great game - a little too great in the beginning when Penn State was beating us 14-3! It was pretty fun to be on the bleachers in the student section when everyone was jumping up and down - but I'm not going to lie, when all the bleachers were moving with each jump.. I felt a little nervous about them caving out from under us. I know, I know... I'm old.
The view from our seats - thanks for hooking us up with tickets, Leann!
Now that Pat is off to tailgate for the Browns game, I have the entire day to myself! I have lots I want to accomplish. I want to drive to Old Navy in Avon to return something I bought online and don't want to pay to ship back (by the way - North Olmsted NEEDS an Old Navy. Are you with me?), I want to go to Michael's craft store while I'm there and get some new Christmas paper and then I want to come home and start making our Christmas cards! As I'm constantly reminded everywhere I turn, Christmas is right around the corner and I never seem to give myself enough time to make my cards and get them mailed out in a decent amount of time before the holiday begins. While I'm making these cards, I plan to watch a full week's worth of shows that I haven't had time to watch: Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Little People Big World and Law & Order SVU.

I should also plan our meals for the week, go grocery shopping and straighten up our house. Wow, that's a lot for one day. I better get moving!

Enjoy your Sunday and GO BROWNS!!! As Pat says, this is a make or break game for us. Our record will either become 4-5 or 3-6. One sounds much better than the other!

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Tabi Penry said...

Wow! Those are some great goals! Let us know if you get it all done!