Monday, November 22, 2010

I just can't mix the moment

One of the local radio stations has been playing Christmas music since November 1st. I have been strategically ignoring this station so that I don't hear any Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I know it might sound weird, but I am one of those people that like to take it one holiday at a time. Maybe it's because my mental capacity is too small to handle them both at once, or maybe it's because of the way I was raised, but I cannot partake in Christmas festivities until after Thanksgiving. There. I said it.
I know there are people who strongly disagree with my stance, and that is okay! But because I really do love all holidays and all seasons, I like to make sure that I get to truly enjoy each and every one. My house is decorated for Halloween starting mid/end of September and once Halloween has passed, I leave up all the general fall decorations until after Thanksgiving.

Pat and I are on the same page when it comes to leaving Thanksgiving and Christmas as two separate holidays. Don't get me wrong - I really do LOVE Christmas! And I would celebrate it longer if Thanksgiving happened sooner, but no one asked me for my opinion when selecting the dates of these two events. :)

All of this being said, I am starting to get VERY excited for Christmas (even though I'm trying to mentally block it out until Friday). After this Thursday, it's game on. Christmas music will officially start to dominate my playlists (much to Pat's dismay) and I will slowly but surely start to Christmasfy our house. My absolute FAVORITE Christmas movie is Elf and I can't WAIT to watch it!!! (Bye Buddy...hope you find your dad). I am starting a Christmas Movie Watching List for the Robinson household and so far the lineup is:

Elf, Home Alone and Christmas Story (only so I can do my impression of the kid with the tongue stuck to the flagpole - I seriously sound just like him) - in that order.

When do you decorate for Christmas? What are your favorite Christmas movies?

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